Seaga SM23 Snack & Drink

Seaga SM23 Snack & Drink

Don’t be fooled by the small footprint, this machine is the updated model of Seaga’s most popular combo vending machine! It has the same features of premium equipment. The top two trays are designed to feature wide snack products like chips and pastries, while the third tray is designed to display small packaged candy. The bottom section of the machine dispenses cold beverages. It is preset to vend 3 selections of 12 oz. cans and 4 selections of 16.9 oz or 20 oz bottles. Energy drinks in small cans, like Red Bull 8.4 oz, can be also be vended if a kit is installed. Call for details.


  • Accepts nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar coin
  • Bill validator accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills
  • Full sales reporting
  • Individual selection pricing from $0.00 to $99.95
  • Sleek, vibrant appearance
  • Easy touch keypad
  • CFC free
  • MDB compatible and debit/credit card ready
  • LED lighted customer display
  • Easy touch customer keypad
  • Optional USA Technology credit card payment system with WIFI available
  • Anti-Theft design
  • All metal product trays tilt for easy load
  • Space conscious design
  • Quiet, office friendly operation
  • Available in black or silver

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